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GaGe, established in 1987, is a customer-oriented worldwide industry leader in advanced instrumentation based on the personal computer platform. GaGe designs and develops hardware and software for the Test and Measurement, Embedded Data Acquisition and Automated Test market segments. Our product offering includes PCIe, PCI and USB digitizers, modular instruments, turnkey measurement systems, PC oscilloscope software and supporting software development kits (SDKs).

Our products are used worldwide across diverse industries in Communications, Computers, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Research Laboratories and Education. Major applications served are Manufacturing Test, Advanced Research, Ultrasonics, Lasers and Embedded DAQ.

GaGe is a product brand of Vitrek, LLC headquartered in Poway, California USA with manufacturing facility in Lockport, Illinois USA. Together, GaGe and Vitrek, LLC bring years of excellence and world-class technology. We are now even better able to design and build systems and modules that fit your requirements, be they for the PCIe, PCI, USB, cPCI/PXI, VXI, or even the CAMAC platform.

As a worldwide industry leader in performance digitizers, GaGe's CompuScope digitizers and CompuGen arbitrary waveform generator products are world renowned for high speed, high data throughput, high resolution, low noise, deep onboard acquisition memory, and much more.

National Spectrum Consortium Logo

GaGe is a proud member of the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC).

The NSC mission is to foster collaboration between Government, Industry and Academia to identify, develop and demonstrate the enabling technologies necessary to broaden the military and commercial access to and use of the electromagnetic spectrum.

GaGe's motivated employees, exciting new products, diversified customer base and a growing international presence have positioned GaGe for continued growth and success.

PC Instruments

The use and development of technology requires test and measurement instruments. From research and development of new technologies, to ensuring quality in the manufacturing of various products, instruments are essential. For example, when the Space Shuttle is launched, many different instruments are used to conduct thousands of electrical, temperature, chemical and other measurements to monitor the status of the craft and its crew. Instruments are essential to our high technology economies.

For decades, engineers have used analog instruments to observe results on a CRT screen. These instruments are useful only if the signal is periodic and the engineer is present to witness telltale signals. To observe transient phenomena, or a non-periodic behavior, engineers require instruments that can be set up to capture transients and store them. This became possible with digital oscilloscopes.

Computer or PC-based instruments, introduced during the 1980's, provide instrument capabilities integrated with a computer. This development opened the doors to instruments that can not only provide measurements and automation, but also analysis and computer results from the measurements. This is a powerful combination of measurement, analysis and remote connectivity.

GaGe is positioned at the high end of the PC data acquisition market, where quality and performance are more important than price. We were the first company to ship a high-speed PCI bus instrument (1995) and GaGe has continued its leadership in this important market segment with the introduction of several more PCI bus and now PCI Express (PCIe) bus products. GaGe is a member of the PCI SIG consortium.

GaGe's extensive line of products include ultra high speed data acquisition digitizer boards, digital oscilloscope cards, analog and digital signal generation cards, arbitrary waveform generator boards, digital pattern generation cards, digital input cards and software packages to create a user-friendly human interface. Any and all of these modules can be used in a PC system as standalone instruments, or in combinations for the creation of powerful synthetic instruments.

GaGe makes the most advanced computer-based instruments in the world. They are the fastest, of the highest quality, and most versatile. GaGe sells more than 20 different hardware cards and numerous software packages to operate them or to help integrate them in a test system.

We provide our customers with the industry's most extensive array of software. All CompuScope digitizer cards are equipped with ready-to-use PC Oscilloscope software (GageScope) as well as optional software development kits which let customers write their own programs.

GaGe's arbitrary waveform generator products are among the best on the market. Through easy-to-use software, signals can be generated based on mathematical or graphical descriptions, or directly from a previously recorded signal file acquired with a digitizer or a digital input card.

Applications often require more than one card; GaGe products can be synchronized via proprietary bridging circuitry to provide true multi-channel solutions. Independent cards can also be operated together to form complex impulse-response as well as mixed-mode test systems.

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GaGe and DynamicSignals are product brands of Vitrek, LLC. DynamicSignals is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, whose quality policy is:

"DynamicSignals is dedicated to meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through establishment of a comprehensive quality assurance system and a dedication to a continuous improvement program that allows us to meet all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard."

DynamicSignals, a brand of Vitrek, LLC, has been certified in December 2020 by an independent auditing agency, Verisys Registrars, in meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 certification in performing engineering, manufacturing and integration of data acquisition boards, digitizers, signal conditioners, and waveform generators into continuous signal data recording and arbitrary signal generation systems.

Certificate (click to view/download):

Vitrek, LLC ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Effective 04/21/2014, DynamicSignals extended the standard product warranty for GaGe branded manufactured products to 2 years. Please refer to the DynamicSignals Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales for complete product limited warranty details.

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Research & Development

GaGe has gathered a highly motivated and talented team of hardware and software engineers committed to excellence and imbued with a great sense of pride in their achievements. GaGe has acquired core expertise in the design of high-speed broadband analog electronics, analog to digital conversion, PC and PCIe, PCI, USB bus integration and software.

GaGe's product offering includes a family of multi-MHz to GHz digitizers and PC-based oscilloscope cards, analog signal generator cards, digital input and digital output cards, as well as the programming-free GaGeScope oscilloscope software and a vast array of powerful Software Development Kits (SDKs).

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GaGe's prime focus is to understand the applications that drive the need for advanced instrumentation. One of our main marketing activities consists therefore of learning from our customers and following the development of various technologies and scientific disciplines. At GaGe our customers find eager listeners; people genuinely interested in helping find solutions to the problems engineers and scientists face on a daily basis.

Advertising, public relations and product information activities are the result of GaGe's marketing efforts. Besides having excellent products, GaGe has developed a powerful message delivered through diversified means ranging from ads in trade publications, to printed and electronic newsletters, and of course our critical presence on the Web.

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GaGe has thousands of customers around the world in such diverse fields as: electronics design, RF telecom, medical, OEM, military & aerospace, manufacturing, metallurgy, scientific research, and education. GaGe customers include such high-profile industry leaders as: the US Navy, Lockheed-Martin, NASA, Sony, Raytheon, IBM, Seagate, General Motors, Siemens, and all the major research centers in the world.

GaGe's customers, whether they are helping design products for the Space Shuttle or doing highly complex neurological research, are very demanding in their instrument purchases.

GaGe partners with qualified resellers in the United States and distributors internationally. Our personnel frequently visit our sales channel partners and are also available to meet directly with end-users. We hold frequent training sessions in order to keep the distributors and representatives fully informed about GaGe products.

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GaGe has a team of dedicated customer support specialists and applications engineers who answer the questions of current and prospective customers. These specialists, with the help of GaGe's Automated Contact Tracking Facility, answer the initial inquiries of new customers and assure that questions are properly answered.

GaGe also provides a toll free telephone and fax line to facilitate communications with customers, in addition to our e-mail and web site services.

Our prompt attention to customer needs has resulted in a high rate of customer satisfaction and this has helped us gain the advantageous reputation we enjoy today.

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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) represent a major market for GaGe. Over the years, we have forged strategic relationships with major customers by either customizing GaGe instruments to the customer's demanding technical specification and/or by providing the added support required by these accounts.

OEMs work with GaGe on a long-term basis because they need a reliable, long-term strategic supplier who will provide the required product and support. We have come to be recognized as the company that will make sure projects are completed on time, often going the extra distance to assist with system integration and software development.

Please review our OEM Program for complete details on Gold Tier and Platinum Tier levels for the advantages and services that are provided to Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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Customer service is of fundamental importance to GaGe. Customers make an investment in trust as well as product when they select GaGe, and it is that trust that we strive to maintain.

GaGe begins its customer service when it designs and manufactures each of its products. GaGe designs its products with quality and serviceability as basic parameters. Rigid tolerances are used throughout the process, from conception, to parts selection, to manufacturing, and on to final testing. Thanks to our ultra-modern facilities in Lockport, Illinois USA, we are able to carefully monitor the assembly of our boards, thereby guaranteeing the highest possible level of quality, leading directly to benefits to our customers.

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