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Machine Tools Characterization

Customer Case

This customer is involved in characterizing machine tools. In order to do this, they need five simultaneous channels capturing 12-bit samples at 50 KSPS, with a 20 us sample width. A total of 5 seconds of data is required.

GaGe Case Solution

The solution to this problem is a three-card Master/Slave CompuScope 512 system, with each card having 512 Kilosamples of on-board memory.

The CompuScope 512 is a 12-bit 5 MSPS A/D card for the ISA bus. As each CompuScope 512 has two channels, this system would provide 6 channels for the customer's application. Each channel can sample at 5 MSPS or slower, with 50 KSPS being one of the preset sampling values.

For 5 seconds of data, at a sampling rate of 50 KSPS, the customer will need to store 250 Kilosamples per channel, or 500 Kilosamples per card, as shown in the following equations:

5 seconds of data per channel x 50 KSPS = 250 Ksamples per channel
250 Ksamples per channel x 2 channels per card = 500 Ksamples per card

For this reason, each card should be equipped with 512 Kilosamples of on-board memory.

GaGe Case Recommended Products

  • 3 x CompuScope 512 Master/Slave System, 512K of Memory Each Card

Industrial Application Request

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