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Monitoring Critical Variables

Customer Case

The customer wanted a quick visual inspection of many readings of slow varying parameters. Readings of pressure, temperature and voltages had to be compared with reference values and the differences had to be displayed in analog fashion in the form of a simple visual display. A Go/No Go decision had to be reached almost instantly.

GaGe Case Solution

The solution suggested by a major electronics company was to multiplex the differences 32 readings a channel for two channels, this gives a total of 72 reading in one display. The zero line is the no deviation value, each value is scaled in order to give similar measures of seriousness. The decision maker would reach the Go/No Go decision at the instance of seeing the multiplexed readings.

Multiplexing 32 slowly varying parameters into one analog channel means the speed of the combined readings is multiplied about 32 times. Only a card such as the CS1602 or the CS1450 can handle the combination of speed and resolution required to display so many readings simultaneously. In order to customize the readings into an easily recognized display, the client will use the C/C++ Software Development Kit with its sample programs.

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