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Plasma Coating of Airplane Parts

Customer Case

The customer produces plasma coating for airplane parts. They need to count the number of plasma particles on these parts so that they can adjust the plasma torch to be less or more powerful in order to obtain the required thickness of plasma coating. Using a particle detector, they are able to measure temperature, speed and quantity of particles. These parameters are used as feedback to control the plasma coating process.

GaGe Case Solution

The customer requires a scope card that has both high-resolution and a fast sampling rate. At the time the customer contacted GaGe, the CompuScope 8012A was suggested. The CS8012A was an ISA bus A/D and scope card. It has now been replaced by a PCI bus card called the CompuScope 12100, which also features 12-bit resolution and 100 MS/s sampling. Using a CompuScope SDK, they developed their own software to count particles from the signal provided by the transducer (particle detector). By knowing the exact number of particles, temperature and speed, they are able to achieve a more uniform and predictable coating.

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