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Laser Scanning for Eye Diseases

Customer Case

In scanning for non-ablative eye diseases, the customer has a requirement for high vertical resolution while remaining cost effective. By shooting a low-powered laser into the eye (low enough to not cause lasting damage), they are able to determine whether there are any problems in the eye cells. The laser does cause minute damage that is repaired by the antibodies of the eye. The requirement is to capture laser reflections and analyze them. The scan takes place over the entire eye and there are therefore multiple acquisitions. The main obstacle is that the difference between a healthy eye and one with problems is marginal.

GaGe Case Solution

Attaching a piezo-electric microphone to the eye socket catches the acoustic emissions that occur as the laser vaporizes minute amounts of eye tissue. By using GaGe's CompuScope 1250 and taking advantage of its 12-bit resolution, combined with the LabVIEW Software Development Kit, it is easy to analyze the ringing signal. By using Bus Mastering transfer routines, the Doctor is able to download the data to Host Memory during the time it takes him to move to another section of the eye, thus ensuring no data loss.

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We encourage you to contact us and discuss your medical application in more detail with our engineering team. GaGe can provide tailored custom data acquisition hardware and software solutions to meet specific application requirements.