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Laser Spectroscopy

Customer Case

An academic researcher is studying the attenuation properties of different materials inside Laser cavities for applications in Laser Spectroscopy.

The Laser pulses are generated by one Laser, and are then transmitted by mirrors into another cavity filled with gaseous material. In the second cavity, the light pulses are continuously reflected by opposite mirrors and their intensities are measured by a transducer which converts them into decaying pulses of 30 nanosecond width. The decay takes about 40 microseconds to settle. The researcher is required to capture the decaying pulses and save the captured data onto the hard disk in a PC in order to determine the constitution of the gaseous material.

The application requires a capture board with enough samples to plot a 30 ns pulse. At least 100 MS/s speed is required to describe the shape of the pulses. The vertical resolution as stated by the researcher was 8 bits and the acquisition memory requirement is to record at least 40 ms. After capture, the digitizer must download records to PC RAM or accumulate them in its memory.

The customer would like to develop a LabVIEW utility to control the signal acquisition sequence.

GaGe Case Solution

The CompuScope 8500 offers a maximum speed of 500 MS/s and a vertical resolution of 8-bits. The minimum on-board memory of 2 MegaSamples and single channel operation are acceptable for the application.

The solution proposed by GaGe enables the researcher to achieve an efficient solution with minimal programming, since the GaGe CompuScope LabVIEW Software Development Kit provides complete ready-to-run Virtual Instruments (VI's). The only programming necessary is that required to save the data to hard drive in the preferred format.

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