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Medical Application Case Study - Data Acquisition Spectroscopy

Medical Applications

Optical Spectroscopy

Customer Case

A customer who is completing his doctorate in Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology has identified the need to measure fast optical signals using fast photo-detectors. The signal pulse width is as short as 2ns. Signals will be acquired at a 1KHz repetition rate, with a record length of 1,000 to 10,000 data points.

GaGe Case Solution

The CompuScope 82G, an 8-bit, 2GS/s A/D and Scope card for PCI Bus, is the best solution for this customer. With relatively small record sets, the customer is able to keep up with the 1KHz Pulse Repeat Frequency. The customer is familiar with LabVIEW and will therefore use GaGe's LabVIEW Software Development Kit to control the card in the Windows environment.

GaGe Case Recommended Products

Medical Application Request

We encourage you to contact us and discuss your medical application in more detail with our engineering team. GaGe can provide tailored custom data acquisition hardware and software solutions to meet specific application requirements.