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High-Spatial Resolution Lidar

Customer Case

In Lidar, which is Laser Radar, spatial resolution is limited by the laser pulse width. This customer's laser pulse width is 3.5 ns. The total range interrogated by the Lidar system will be on the order of 250 meters. The customer needs to digitize the Lidar signal at 500 MS/s into 8 MegaSamples of memory. 8-bit digitizer resolution will be sufficient and they would also prefer to keep software programming at an absolute minimum.

GaGe Case Solution

Had the customer required higher resolution, say 12 or 14-bit, and sampling rates of 100 MS/s, then a CompuScope 12100 or CompuScope 14100 would have been ideal. However, because the customer required 500 MS/s sampling rate and was satisfied with 8-bit resolution, the CompuScope 8500 was recommended.

The customer indicated that he would be working in LabVIEW, so a CompuScope Software Development Kit for LabVIEW was suggested. With the CompuScope SDK for LabVIEW, the customer is given the option of developing the application in LabVIEW or using the GaGeScope Standard Edition, which is included with the purchase of the CompuScope SDK. GaGeScope allows complete control of CompuScope cards in an easy-to-use Windows-based user interface without the need for writing a single line of computer code.

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