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Neutrinos Study

Customer Case

Neutrinos are said to be the most elusive and exotic particles in the universe. They are tiny neutral elementary particles that interact with matter via the weak nuclear force. Scientists are still trying to measure the mass and to characterize their properties.

A customer who is studying neutrinos will be using photo multiplier tubes (PMT) coupled to a scintillating material to detect them. The PMT will produce a small electrical pulse when a neutrino is detected. These PMTs are located 2 Kilometers deep, in a mine located in Ontario, Canada.

The customer is looking for a cost-effective solution that can sample at 20 MHz or faster with a vertical resolution of 8-bits. Also required are simultaneous sampling and multi-channel capabilities.

The customer also wants to write a software program for on-line processing in C/C++. The C programming language provides the fastest communication possible with PC-based devices.

GaGe Case Solution

We suggested the CompuScope 225, a relatively low-cost scope card. The CS225 is an 8-bit A/D and scope card that can sample up to 25 MHz simultaneously on two channels.

While the customer only requires two channels for a prototype, they need an upgradeable multi-channel system that can be enhanced by adding more channels at a later date. The CS225 was therefore the perfect solution since it allows the user to get simultaneous sampling on up to 32 channels.

Since the customer wanted to write his own software program, we suggested the CompuScope C/C++ Software Development Kit.

With its vast array of instrumentation hardware and software, GaGe was able to provide a complete solution to satisfy the customer's data acquisition and budgetary needs .

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