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Synchronizing Over A Wide Sampling Speed Range

Customer Case

The client has set up an experiment where he needs to generate a stimulus signal and apply it to a He-Ne Laser with some polarizing optics. The response signal is a measurement of the Faraday effect. The signal is noisy and requires averaging over a very long time. The stimulus and response must be synchronized over a wide frequency range. For synchronization, the application requires a wide band of sampling speed from, 1 KS/s to 50 MS/s.

GaGe Case Solution

While GaGe's CompuScope 14100 provides the required digitizer performance, it cannot be externally clocked down to the required 1 kHz. Fortunately, the client had a third party synthesized frequency generator, which can be synchronized with a fixed 10 MHz TTL clock.

Upon consulting with GaGe engineers, it was determined that the CS14100 card has a fixed 50 MHz reference clock, which was accessible. GaGe agreed to offer a special modification where the 50 MHz signal is divided by 5 and buffered in order to supply a 10 MHz TTL signal. This signal can then be used to drive the synthesized frequency generator. In this way, rather than the client's setup externally clocking the CS14100, the CS14100 provides the master clock source to which the entire experiment is slaved.

The special clock modification required special engineering charges that the client was pleased to provide for a timely and fitting solution. The solution offered by GaGe enables the customer to integrate his application and compute the required averages in an easy and efficient manner.

GaGe Case Recommended Products

  • CompuScope 14100 - 1M
  • Special Clock-Out Modification

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