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Automotive Engine Controller Monitoring

Customer Case

The customer is a major electronics manufacturer who wants to find a cost effective replacement to VXI digitizers in testing automotive engine control signals.

The requirement is for several ATE stations. Each one will require 4 single-ended channels or 2 "true differential" channels, 4 MHz of input analog bandwidth (mostly single shot) with voltage ranges from 0.05 to 70 volts. The digitizers must have at least 12 bits of vertical resolution, 0.5% accuracy and ½ MegaSample per channel of acquisition memory.

The customer would like to operate the station under a controlling LabVIEW application.

GaGe Case Solution

GaGe suggested the CompuScope 1610 A/D and scope card, which features 16-bit vertical resolution. The CS1610 can sample at up to 10 MS/s. The CS1610's bandwidth is 4 MHz, and features DC accuracy of 0.5%.

GaGe recommended the use of GaGeScope PC Oscilloscope Software to quickly demonstrate a prototype. Since the captures are mostly single shot, the use of GaGeScope's AutoSave feature is recommended, whereby a capture is saved as soon as completed. The slow recurring rate of pulses in an automotive engine allows the AutoSave mode to complete the file save before the next pulse occurs.

The GaGe solution offered a simple and cost effective replacement for to an expensive VXI problem. The recommended LabVIEW Software Development Kit enables the customer to implement the new system without the effort of re-programming in a new and unfamiliar computer environment.

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