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MEMS-Based High Throughput Screening

Customer Case

The customer needs to do frequency analysis to determine the resonant frequency of an oscillating micro-fabricated device. They will use a Laser Doppler Vibrometer to monitor the physical oscillation. This is an instrument that looks at the light reflected from the surface of a moving part to determine the velocity or relative position of the part. Analysis of the motion as a function of the driving frequency determines the resonant frequency. Upon excitation at the resonant frequency, the motion is at its maximum. The expected resonant frequencies are on the order of 1 MHz and the customer needs to resolve the actual frequency to about 1Hz.

The process uses a function generator to step the frequency of the excitation source 1 Hz at a time through the range of frequencies that are +/- 1000 Hz or so around the resonant frequency. At each frequency they will collect, for example, 50,000 cycles with 10 or 20 points per cycle. Then, after all the data are collected, they will analyze them to determine the average amplitude of the oscillation at each frequency. The amplitude vs. frequency curve is then used to determine the resonant frequency.

GaGe Case Solution

The customer requires a digitizer that has fast data collection because the frequency of the oscillation is going to be 1 MHz and the customer wants 10 or 20 points per cycle. High precision on each point, and a large buffer to store all of the points for one sweep are required. This way, they can collect all the data sequentially without having to interrupt the sweep for processing.

The CompuScope 12100-1G (1 billion points of acquisition memory) fulfills all these requirements.

GaGe Case Recommended Products

  • CompuScope 12100-1G

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