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Optical Scanning of Drive Media

Customer Case

The customer's application is optical scanning for drive testing. The goal is to identify burnt or damaged spots on the disk. The scanning system is generally used in Quality Control, Head-Disk Interaction and Failure Analysis.

There is a need for continuous acquisition during the spiral scan. The speed of the disk is 10,000 RPM and the requirement is to capture 65,000 to 80,000 samples each revolution. A single channel is needed for the acquisition at 10 MegaSamples/second or greater. High vertical resolution will aid in measuring the properties and ultimately the degradation of these thin disks. A minimum of 650 MegaSamples of on-board memory is required to store the data from one complete scan. The customer prefers to develop a controlling software application in the LabVIEW environment.

GaGe Case Solution

The CompuScope 1450 14-bit 50 MS/s A/D and scope card for PCI bus is the recommended solution. The 14-bit vertical resolution and sample rate specifications fit the application nicely. One GigaSample of on-board acquisition memory meets to the storage requirement.

Ultimately, the customer may have a need to sample faster. The 50 MS/s rate provides the opportunity to keep up with technology as it develops and disk speeds increase. Another feature that was highly regarded, although not immediately necessary, is the External Clock Input provided with the CompuScope 1450 as a standard feature.

The customer is familiar with LabVIEW development and therefore will opt for a GaGe CompuScope LabVIEW Software Development Kit. GaGe's LabVIEW SDK is supplied with many sample VIs to get developers started. GaGe SDKs are supplied with the Standard Edition of GaGeScope, a Windows-based PC oscilloscope software - a terrific troubleshooting tool or stand-alone application.

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