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Signatec EC14150
14-Bit, 150 MS/s ExpressCard Digitizer

The Signatec EC14150 represents one of the lowest power consuming high-speed digitizer card for laptop use at 4.0 to 4.5 Watts, while featuring 2 channels of 14-bit, 150 MS/s acquisition and data streaming capabilities at sustained rates up to 85 MS/s.

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A frequency synthesized clock allows the ADC sampling rate to be set to virtually any value from 45 (or lower using clock dividers) to 150 MHz, offering maximum flexibility for sampling rate selections with 14-bit A/D resolution.

The AC-Coupled model, EC14150A, features a bandwidth of 200 KHz to 200 MHz with selectable input voltage ranges of 200 mV to 6.3 V peak-to-peak in 1 dB steps.

14-Bit ExpressCard Digitizer: EC14150

EC14150A Data Sheet

EC14150D Data Sheet

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The DC-Coupled model, EC14150D, features a bandwidth of DC to 75 MHz with four selectable input voltage ranges of 250 mV, 500 mV, 1.0 V, 2.0 V peak-to-peak.

The EC14150A Scope Application software is a PC oscilloscope application that allows the operator to view or edit all digitizer hardware settings as well as record and display acquisition data with FFT analysis capabilities.

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Please visit Signatec site for EC14150 product support, manuals, and software updates:

Signatec EC14150A     Signatec EC14150D

Digitizer Features

  • 2 Channels with 50Ω Inputs
  • 150 MS/s Maximum Sampling Rate per Channel
  • 14-bits Vertical A/D Resolution
  • 256 MS Onboard Acquisition Sample Memory
  • AC-Coupled Input Bandwidth: 200 KHz to 200 MHz
  • DC-Coupled Input Bandwidth: DC to 75 MHz
  • External Clock Input
  • External Trigger Input
  • Sustained Data Streaming Rates up to 85 MS/s
  • Free Scope Application Software Included:

    • PC Oscilloscope Application
    • View/Edit all Digitizer Hardware Settings
    • Record and Display Acquisition Data
    • Perform FFT Analysis with Time-Domain Statistics
  • Free SDK for C/C++ Included

Digitizer Ordering Information

EC14150 Products and Part Numbers
EC14150A 2 Channels @ 150 MS/s, 14-bits,
256 MS Memory, AC-Coupled 50Ω Inputs
200 KHz to 200 MHz Bandwidth
EC14150D 2 Channels @ 150 MS/s, 14-bits,
256 MS Memory, DC-Coupled 50Ω Inputs
DC to 75 MHz Bandwidth
Signatec Scope Application included
Software Development Kits (SDKs)
Signatec SDK for C/C++ included
Signatec SDK for LabVIEW optional