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Razor Express 16XX CompuScope
16-Bit, 200 MS/s, PCIe Digitizer / Oscilloscope

The GaGe Razor Express16XX CompuScope PCIe digitizer board features 16-bit resolution with sampling rates up to 200 MS/s with true Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) of 11.7-bits with 10 MHz input.

Onboard digitizer sample memory is expandable up to 8 GS (16 GB) and up to 8 Razor Express digitizers can be combined for up to 32 channels in a single system.

The Razor Express can be combined with wideband downconverter models and PC solutions to be the heart of a wideband, multi-channel, RF/Microwave signal analysis and recording system covering frequencies up to 27 GHz and up to 100 MHz bandwidth:

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16-Bit Digitizer PCIe Board: Razor Express 16XX

Razor 16 Data Sheet

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GaGe Digitizer Advantages

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Digitizer Features

  • 2 or 4 Digitizing Channels
  • 200 MS/s Maximum Sampling Rate per Channel
  • 16-bit Vertical A/D Resolution
  • 4 GS (8 GB) to 8 GS (16 GB) Onboard Acquisition Sample Memory
  • 125 MHz Input Bandwidth
  • Full-Featured Front-End with AC/DC Coupling and
    50Ω or 1MΩ Inputs
  • Software Control over Input Ranges, Coupling & Impedances
  • Ease of Integration with External or Reference
    Clock In & Clock Out
  • External Trigger In & Trigger Out
  • Full-Size Single-Slot 8-Lane (x8) PCIe 2.0 Board
  • Sustained PCIe Data Streaming at 1.6 GB/s
  • Supports eXpert FPGA DSP Features of
    eXpert FPGA PCIe Data Streaming
    eXpert FPGA Signal Averaging
    eXpert FPGA Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
  • CompuScope GPU CUDA Processing
  • Programming-Free Operation with
    GaGeScope PC Oscilloscope Software
  • Programming-Free Streaming Signal Recording &
    Playback Viewer Operation with
    DsScope & DsScopeView Software
  • Software Application Development Support with
    CompuScope SDK for C/C#
    CompuScope SDK for MATLAB
    CompuScope SDK for LabVIEW
  • Supports Wideband Downconverters

    Wideband Downconverter: DCA27G
    GaGe downconverter systems feature a single RF input and two bandwidth mode options for 3 software selectable IF bandwidths: 10 MHz / 40 MHz / 100 MHz OR 10 MHz / 80 MHz / 160 MHz. The RF signal tuning covers 50 MHz to 27 GHz to provide unparalleled real-time signal recording and analysis capability ideally suited for use with the Razor digitizer's 16-bit resolution and variable sample rate up to 200 MS/s.

    10 MHz reference inputs and outputs on both the digitizers and downconverter units provide a single frequency reference for synchronized system performance.

    SpectraScopeRT is a Windows based spectrum analyzer application that requires no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the downconverter receiver and the digitizer for signal capture, analysis, recordings. Analysis displays include IQ Time Domain, Frequency Domain, I Spectrum, IQ Power Spectrum, Constellation Plot, Spectrogram Plot, Persistence Plot, and Histogram Plot.

    The primary advantage of SpectraScopeRT is the ability to conduct real-time streaming signal recordings to drive storage with provided monitoring capability to ensure the recording process is operating with expected signal data and without errors.

The GaGe Razor Express CompuScope digitizer series is also available with 12-bit or 14-bit A/D resolution:

12-bit Razor Express 12X2 PCIe Digitizers
14-bit Razor Express 14X2 PCIe Digitizers

GaGe Embedded Product Volume Support Program

Gain valuable time-to-market and save tens of thousands of development dollars by utilizing our strategic OEM embedded product volume support program with our reliable, high-quality data acquisition products:

  • No charge product evaluation and SDKs for qualification and initial development.
  • No charge support through evaluation period.
  • Negotiated factory and/or on-site technical support including custom hardware and software development.
  • Volume discount pricing.
  • Custom engineering change order control of supplied product.
  • Provided software tools on a site wide level license basis.
  • Product safety stock pool program to ensure specified quantity of product is kept on stock and ready-to-ship basis.

GaGe OEM Support Program

Digitizer Ordering Information

Razor Express 16XX CompuScope Products and Part Numbers
CSE1622 2 Channels @ 200 MS/s, 16-bit,
4 GS (8 GB) Memory, 125 MHz BW,
AC/DC Coupling, 50Ω or 1MΩ Inputs
CSE1642 4 Channels @ 200 MS/s, 16-bit,
4 GS (8 GB) Memory, 125 MHz BW,
AC/DC Coupling, 50Ω or 1MΩ Inputs
Memory Upgrades
Memory Upgrade to 8 GS (16 GB) MEM-181-205
eXpert FPGA Firmware Options
eXpert FPGA PCIe Data Streaming STR-181-000
eXpert FPGA Signal Averaging 250-181-001
eXpert FPGA Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) 250-181-004
Master/Slave Upgrades
Master Multi-Card Upgrade RZE-181-012
Slave Multi-Card Upgrade RZE-181-013
Set 1 SMA to BNC cable ACC-001-031
Set 4 SMA to BNC cable ACC-001-033
GaGeScope® Software
GaGeScope: Lite Edition Included
GaGeScope: Standard Edition 300-100-351
GaGeScope: Professional Edition 300-100-354
DsScope Software
DsScope: Real-Time Signal Recording DYN-DSS-000
DsScopeView: Signal Playback Viewer DYN-DSV-000
Software Development Kits (SDKs)
GaGe SDK Pack (C/C#, MATLAB, LabVIEW) 200-113-000
CompuScope SDK for C/C# 200-200-101
CompuScope SDK for MATLAB 200-200-102
CompuScope SDK for LabVIEW 200-200-103
Wideband Downconverters
See Wideband Downconverters for Options
CompuScope GPU CUDA Processing
GPU CUDA Processing Package:
Includes eXpert PCIe Data Streaming Firmware for
1 x Digitizer and CompuScope SDK for C/C#
NOTE: GPU Card NOT Included