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Digital Down Conversion (DDC)
eXpert FPGA DSP Feature for CompuScope PCIe Digitizers

Digital Down Conversion (DDC) is a powerful signal processing technique providing significant real-time data reduction. It is particularly useful for the processing of communications signals that frequently occupy a relatively small band about a high carrier frequency. In addition to shifting this carrier frequency down to a lower IF, the DDC also reduces the output sampling rate. This reduced sampling rate leads to significant in-line data reduction.

eXpert FPGA DSP: Digital Down Conversion (DDC)

Digital Down Conversion Datasheet

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The eXpert DDC firmware with the high-speed EON Express Digitizer provides the capability for shifting a radio or modulated signal captured on a single A/D input channel from a carrier frequency between 0 MHz to 1 GHz (at a sampling rate of 3 GS/s) down to a low frequency AC signal (baseband signal, non-demodulated).

eXpert FPGA DSP Features

  • Shift a Radio or Modulated Signal on 1-CH A/D Input from a Carrier Frequency between 0 MHz to 1 GHz @ 3 GS/s Down to a
    Low Frequency AC Signal (Baseband Signal, Non-Demodulated)
  • Selectable Number of Identical 2X Anti-Aliasing may be Applied
  • NCO Supports a Carrier Frequency Range from 0 to 1 GHz and Generates both the I and Q (Real and Complex) Carrier
  • Multiple FIR Filter Stages that Allow for Decimating Data in Steps
    of 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and 2048
  • DDC Operations Drastically Reduces the Overall PCIe Data Streaming Mode Rates to the Host System
  • Includes PCIe Data Streaming Capability Built In
  • Requires GaGe Software Development Kit (SDK) for C/C# that Provides Ready-Made Compiled Sample Programs

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eXpert Digital Down Conversion (DDC)
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NOTE: Requires GaGe C/C# SDK and is compatible for use with the following GaGe Digitizer Model Series sold separately:

Software Development Kits (SDKs)
CompuScope Digitizer SDK for C/C# 200-200-101