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Ultrasonic NDT Position Encoder
eXpert FPGA DSP Feature for CompuScope PCIe Digitizers

Most ultrasonic nondestructive inspection systems are equipped with one or more position encoders, which accurately measure the position or angle of a scanning ultrasonic transducer or sample.

Although position encoders may operate with general purpose digitizers in ultrasonic inspection systems, digitizers equipped with encoder reading capability allow for the fastest possible scan rates.

eXpert FPGA DSP: Ultrasonic NDT Position Encoder

Ultrasonic NDT Position Encoder Data Sheet

USD Prices Start at: $12,860
(Includes Digitizer)

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Specifically, digitizers that can read encoders are able to overcome slow native encoder software interfaces and mitigate non-deterministic behavior in the Windows environment.

GaGe CompuScope digitizers that are equipped with position encoder reading capability addresses these modern ultrasonic inspection systems.

eXpert FPGA DSP Features

  • Compatible with Step & Direction Encoders and
    Quadrature Encoders
  • Compatible with Multiple Manufacturer Position Encoders
  • Provides 2 Independent Set of Differential Position Encoder Inputs
  • Encoder Inputs are High Z, Support TTL-Type Logic Levels, and
    Capable of Counting Encoder Signal Frequencies up to 1 MHz
  • 2 Operating Modes: Pulse On Position and Position Stamping
  • Transparent to GaGe's Standard CompuScope Digitizer Drivers for Windows/Linux, so that no Special Software is Required
  • Requires GaGe Software Development Kit (SDK) for C/C# that Provides Ready-Made Compiled Sample Programs

eXpert FPGA DSP Ordering Information

eXpert Ultrasonic NDT Position Encoder Products and Part Numbers
CSE22G8PSN 2 Channels @ 1.0 GS/s, 8-bits or
1 Channel @ 2.0 GS/s, 8-bits,
2 GS Memory, 500 MHz Bandwidth,
Position Encoder Input Interface with
Pulse On Position & Position Stamping

NOTE: Requires GaGe C/C# SDK.
For full digitizer specifications, refer to:

Software Development Kits (SDKs)
CompuScope Digitizer SDK for C/C# 200-200-101