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GaGe / Signatec Data Acquisition Newsletter - 2019 June Issue


Data Acquisition News
June 2019

New 16-Bit, 2-CHs @ 500 MS/s or 250 MS/s,
PCIe Gen3 Streaming Digitizer

The new RazorPlus Express CompuScope Digitizer Series is now available with either:

  • 16-Bit, 2 Channels @ 500 MS/s per Channel and 300 MHz Input Bandwidth
  • 16-Bit, 2 Channels @ 250 MS/s per Channel and 150 MHz Input Bandwidth

The RazorPlus analog front end supports 6 software selectable input voltage ranges at ±100 mV, ±200 mV, ±500 mV, ±1 V, ±2 V, and ±5 V with software selectable 50Ω or 1MΩ input impedance.

All RazorPlus models feature 4 GS (8 GB) of onboard memory standard, and a PCIe Gen3 x8 interface supporting real-time continuous streaming at maximum sampling rates for GPU processing and live monitored signal recording operations.

RazorPlus Express
Starting at $8,795

16-Bit PCIe Digitizer: RazorPlus Express

16-Bit PCIe Digitizer: RazorPlus Express

  • 16-Bit A/D Resolution with 2 Digitizing Input CHs
  • Maximum 500 MS/s or 250 MS/s per CH
  • 30 Selectable A/D Rates from 1 kS/s to 500 MS/s
  • 300 MHz Input Bandwidth at 500 MS/s
  • 150 MHz Input Bandwidth at 250 MS/s
  • Selectable 50Ω & 1MΩ Input Impedance
  • Selectable 6 Input Ranges from ±100mV to ±5V
  • External or 10 MHz Reference Clock In & Out
  • External Trigger In & Trigger Out
  • 4 GS (8 GB) Onboard Sample Memory Standard
  • Sustained PCIe Streaming at Max Sampling Rates
  • Stream to GPU for Real-Time Signal Processing
  • Stream to Storage for Real-Time Signal Recordings
  • Programming-Free Application Software
  • SDKs for C/C++, MATLAB & LabVIEW
  • Windows 10/8/7 & Linux OS Supported

We invite you to contact us today to discuss your application or learn more about these exciting new products.

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About DynamicSignals

GaGe, Signatec and KineticSystems are product brands of DynamicSignals LLC.

We are a customer oriented industry leader in high-performance, accurate, and reliable data acquisition solutions. Our core competencies include engineering, manufacturing and integration of data acquisition cards, digitizers, signal conditioners, and waveform generators into continuous signal data recording, processing and arbitrary signal generation systems.

DynamicSignals LLC is a USA Small Business ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

PC Digitizers / Oscilloscopes

With sampling rates up to 6 GS/s and deep on-board acquisition memory up to 16 GB, our high speed multi-channel digitizers provide optimal combination of sampling speed, resolution and memory.

eXpert FPGA Processing

PCIe Streaming, Signal Averaging, Ultrasonic NDT Position Encoder, OCT, FFT, or Custom FPGA processing routines provide a fast and efficient means of analyzing only data of interest.

GPU CUDA Processing

Stream acquired data from high-speed Digitizers to high-performance GPUs for signal processing and data recording in real-time.

PC Waveform Generators

Arbitrary waveform generators or function generators capable of creating custom stimuli for testing complex analog and digital circuits.

High-Performance Systems

Customized PC Workstations tailored for real-time signal recording, processing and playback applications that require guaranteed continuous sustained data streaming rates with no missing data. Available in portable, tower, and rackmount form factors.

Oscilloscope Software

Programming-free PC oscilloscope software for GaGe high speed digitizers or digital oscilloscopes and arbitrary waveform generators. SDKs for C/C#/C++, LabVIEW, and MATLAB are also available for custom application development.

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