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Amherst Systems Associates M1 Oscilloscope Tool for CompuScope Digitizers

The complete portfolio of GaGe digitizers are compatible with ASA's M1 Oscilloscope Tools (M1 OT) software for advanced digital signal data acquisition, viewing, analysis, storage and report generation. This combined solution is fully integrated for single and multiple board, large channel count GaGe digitizer systems.

ASA's M1 Oscilloscope Tools software enables several new ATE and measurement automation, and report generation capabilities for GaGe digitizers to analyze complex digital signals such as clock, timing, data, jitter and PLL.

Digitizer Software: ASA M1 Oscilloscope Tools

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ASA M1 Oscilloscope Tools Software:
Analysis Features

  • Clock Jitter Analysis - Cycle-to-Cycle Measurement, N-Cycle,
    Accumulated Jitter, Spread-Spectrum and More
  • Calibrated & Validated Rj/Dj Solution, Including
    Instrument Noise Nullification & 12 Other Rj/Dj Modes
  • Modulation Domain Views - Multi-Domain Analysis from
    Digitizer Data
  • Advanced PLL Debug & Analysis
  • Cycle-Cycle Timing Analysis (Patented)
  • Serial-Data Analysis - Interpreting a Waveform as
    Serial Data
  • I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN & Other Serial Decoding Support
    – or Build Your Own
  • Compliance Breakout - Go Straight from Compliance Failure
    to Debug
  • Eye Diagrams with Mask Testing
  • Compliance Testing to Industry Standards:
    DDR2/3, PCIe 2.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, Etc.
  • Over 17 Compliance Tests Available (at No Charge)
    – or Build Your Own
  • Hidden Anomaly Location (Patented) – Let M1
    Automatically find Waveform Problems for You

ASA M1 Oscilloscope Tools Software: ATE & Measurement
Automation & Report Generation Features

  • R&D Repetitive Prototype Testing – Highly Scalable Automation
  • Record/Playback Debug Mode
  • ScriptBuilder - Graphical Automation Authoring
  • Measurement Builder - Create Unique Measurements
  • ATE Testing - Integration with LabVIEW , VEE and
    Other Automation Software Environments
  • Client/Server Capability
  • Extensive MATLAB Connectivity
  • External XML Controllability via Python, Perl, C++/C#, Etc.
  • Off-Line Analysis/Collaboration with M1 Reader
  • M1 Reader - Inexpensive, Off-Line Analysis with Full Analysis
    and Automation Support

ASA M1 Oscilloscope Tools Ordering Information

ASA now provides a free M1 Waveform Viewer, which works directly with all GaGe digitizers to acquire, view, save and share waveforms. This software can display 22 built-in measurements associated with the waveform. M1 Waveform Viewer is similar in look and feel to the other products from ASA and allows recording waveforms, saving, printing, collaboration and sharing of data with colleagues, clients, and customers.

For consultation on a complete GaGe / ASA Digital Signal Analysis solution, please contact the GaGe application engineering team, who can work with you to develop a price quotation for a complete instrument measurement solution.