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DsScope & DsScopeView
Signal Recording & Playback Viewer Oscilloscope Software for CompuScope Digitizers

DsScope is a Windows based PC oscilloscope application that allows the operator to view/edit all digitizer hardware settings, display acquired signal data, and conduct real-time signal recording monitored operations to drive storage.

DsScope queries the system for available supported digitizer models upon startup for selected operation, and supports both GaGe and Signatec digitizer model instruments.

DsScope provides the ability to save established settings to a configuration file that can later be opened and applied, thus saving time from manually re-applying settings for repetitive configurations.

Analysis displays include Time Domain, Frequency Domain, and Spectrogram. Multiple display type windows can be opened and shown simultaneously with auto tile and cascade options or manually sized and placed as desired.

Display windows include support for scope cursors to navigate through the display and obtain measurements. Cursor Track Mode can be enabled to lock the position of the two placed cursors. When locked, the spacing between cursors remains constant as they are moved through the display of data.

The primary advantage of DsScope is the ability to conduct real-time streaming signal recordings to drive storage with provided monitoring capability to ensure the recording process is operating with expected signal data and without errors.

DsScopeView is a Windows based application that allows an operator to open/view and playback to display previously recorded signal data files for analysis, with additional display capabilities that include persistence and histogram modes.

Playback operations utilize familiar navigation toolbar buttons for starting playback, stopping playback, stepping backwards and forwards, and moving back to start. When the Enable Playback Looping option is enabled, the time domain data will loop from the end of the file back to the beginning when the end of file is reached. If the option is disabled the playback ceases once the end of the file has been reached.

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Signal Recording Oscilloscope Software: DsScope

Signal Playback Viewer Oscilloscope Software: DsScopeView

Signal Recording & Playback Viewer Features

  • Windows PC Oscilloscope with Real-Time Signal Recording &
  • Actively Monitor Displayed Snapshots During Real-Time
    Live Recordings
  • Flexible Signal Recording Output Filename Management
  • File Span Recording Splits Long Recordings into Multiple
    Size-Specified Files
  • Signal Recording Duration by File Size, Elapsed Time, or Both
  • Easy Import of Recording Files into 3rd Party Apps with
    Raw Binary Data
  • Ability to Save and Load Specified Setup Configuration Settings
  • Supports GaGe and Signatec High-Speed Digitizer
    Model Instruments
  • Data Analysis with Time Domain, FFT, Spectrogram, Persistence,
  • Programming-Free GUI Operation; No Programming Skills

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