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* 1. What type of device, system, circuits, equipment, or experimental setup, does your workgroup mostly test? 

(i.e. What are the 'things' undergoing testing or being measured; from which signals or data are being acquired?)
(Please read through the list fully and check all that apply.)

Wireless Communications Acoustic/Audio System
Wired Communications LIDAR System
Optical Communications RADAR System
Local Area Network Ultrasonic Inspection & Imaging
Broadcast, CATV, or Studio Impulse Testing
Mainframe Computer Explosion Testing
Mini, Micro, or Personal Computer Sub-Atomic Particle Detectors (PMTs, CCD, etc.)
Computer Peripheral EM Detectors (Radio, MRI, etc.)
Copy, Business, or Office Machine Optical Detectors (IR, CCD, etc.)
Television, VCR, or DVD Chemical Detectors (Mass Spectroscopy, etc.)
Consumer Electronics Bio-Medical Imaging (MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray, etc.)
Test Equipment or Instrumentation Process or Electronic Control
Electronic Component Industrial Machinery
Electronic Sub-Assembly Electrical Component, Power Systems
Vehicular Electronics Heat, Air, or Refrigeration
SONAR System Appliance
Acoustic Emission

* 2. What work do you or your immediate workgroup mostly do?

(Please check only one.)

Research Workbench Test or Repair
Design or Development Training/Education
Certification Engineering Production Equipment Maintenance
Quality Control Installation
System or Network Monitoring Field Test or Service
Production Line Test Shop or Garage Service
Production Line Re-work Building or Plant Maintenance
Calibration Personal Home Use

3. How did you first become aware of this product?

4. Please list the two most important attributes of this product:

5. What other features would you like to see in this product?


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